All Star's Two Dollar Pistol


Pistol was an experiment of sorts.  We entered into a co-ownership with our good friends Carlye and Craig of Cross Check Catahoulas.  Carlye and Craig had planned on owning her and trying her out as a cow dog, and boy did she ever deliver.  That little Pistol lived up to her name, baying and stopping cattle at the tender age of 6 months.  She started to show extreme potential as early as 7 months and was being used part time by 9  months old, she had circle, stop and determination to spare.  That little dog was incredible to watch, and we had extremely high hopes for her as a permanent member of the cow dog pack.  Pistol was also starting to show that she was also going to be a natural in the show ring with her wicked natural freestacking, peppy personality and her adorable facial expression.


Pistol was taken from us while Carlye and Craig were gathering escaped cow/calf pairs.  She went after a stray and was working her back to the herd and must have ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Nine months was not long enough to spend with her, but it was long enough to have a major impact on our lives.  She was an incredible dog who was truly devoted to Carlye, Craig and adored both their children.  

"She was sweet, sassy, funny and had so much of what we expect in our Catahoulas and never dreamed that we'd find in a Olde English Bulldogge.  She was one in a million, and leaves a massive silence behind her." - Carlye Reid


"Greatness passes through our lives and halts but a moment. When it travels on, it leaves behind a bittersweet memory of the sound and feel, one that I pray leaves you with a peaceful heart in the face of grief. Allowing them to be what they are born to be is not easy and comes with astounding risk, but truly opens the heart to the high and low of life. She lived it so fast but so thoroughly, I guarantee you, she wouldn't change a thing. Love has no boundary and no limit, she loved you as fiercely as you loved her. RIP Little Warrior." - Tori Earls