The Galati Family & Travis

After long debates and discussions, my wife and I felt it was finally time to enrich our family’s live with the addition of a dog. As a family of five we all independently researched for the perfect breed. With the benefit of the internet we quickly came across many breeds and breeders but most importantly each of us continuously encountered numerous warnings of breeders that are in the business with the sole focus of only earning an income. The common consensus was, “Do your research.”

After several dinner time discussions, we all agreed it was a Olde English Bulldogge we wanted. We came up with a list of breeders local to us and from the moment I email Erin at All-Star Bulldogges and through the entire adoption process you can tell that Erin was a breeder that cared about our family’s adoption experience, but mostly the well-being of her dogs.

Through the entire process, Erin was upfront and knowledgeable
with any questions my family or I had about the breed or just general dog care questions. She does an exceptional job in telling you what’s going on behind the scenes when you’re not there. The constant
emails, from pregnancy announcements, pictures, birth, litter count and vet visits. Erin worked hard making sure that we were a big part of this process.

In the end we did adopt a puppy but during the process Erin adopted us. We felt like family. We couldn’t be happier with the experience, but we are over the moon with our new Olde English Bulldogge, Travis.

Thanks, Erin. Thank you, Fury.

The Mills Family & Neeka
It was such a pleasure meeting Erin and her All Star canine crew.  We knew as soon as we met Ting that a Bulldogge would be right for us.  We had done a lot of research into dog breeds and our number one priority was a family oriented breed; specifically a dog that does well with young, rambunctious boys.  Erin provided a lot of insight into the breed’s characteristics as well as her specific goals for the dogs she breeds.  We were particularly happy with Erin’s commitment to match the puppy’s personalities with the right family.  We have had several dogs in the past but never had such a good experience with a breeder.  It is clear that Erin is completely committed to the happiness of her unique pups but she somehow manages to balance that with a down to earth open-mindedness that was really refreshing. 

Our little/big Neeka comes from the 2015 Ting/Dozer litter and came home to us in the middle of summer.  Since then, she and the boys have been an unstoppable trio. She loves every person and every dog she meets. She is incredibly adaptable, taking everything in stride. She takes easily to training and sincerely aims to please.  She is so curious; every new discovery is THE BEST discovery.  It has been amazing watching Neeka and the boys bond.  She is only nine months but we can’t wait to see the adult dog she grows into and her relationship with all of us flourish.
Thank you so much Erin for such an enjoyable adoption process and for always being there for us since then.

Jason, Kimberly, Rylee, Elijah and Little Tikka

For several years my husband and I were debating on getting a dog to complete our family. It wasn't until we saw an olde English Bulldogge at a Beatles festival in Orillia one year and we were certain this was the  breed we wanted. We took a few more years to research the breed and breeders to find what we were looking for. Then we came across allstarbulldogges. Erin invited us to their annual bully BBQ which was a fantastic way to interact with the dogs, new and old owners. It was then that we met Tikka the mother of our tikka. Since day one of committing to a puppy with Erin, she has been the most helpful, patient and extreme pleasure to work with. Tikka is our first dog so we had a lot of questions, ongoing questions til today even a year later. Erin always kept us informed with the progress of Tikkas pregnancy, photos from
Ultrasounds to after birth and then weekly growth.

We couldn't be happier with the adoption process and knowledge Erin had of her dogs. Tikka our puppy has been a wonderful addition. I will admit the training was a huge new adjustment for us but an adventure all the same. She has brought so many smiles and laughs to our faces, such personality.

Tikka can be quite stubborn at times but the most affectionate, loving dog. She camps, hikes and spends days at the beach with us. She is a great travelling companion and goes where ever we go. I never thought I could love an animal as much as I do.

We are so thankful to have her and thankful for Erin's never ending help!
Ashley, Bill & Gus
After months of contemplating about adding a puppy to our home, we fatefully stumbled upon a breed that we had never heard of before. But after reading about Olde English Bulldogges, specifically Erin and her All-star Bulldogges, we knew that this was the kind of dog that would be a great fit for us.  
Fast forward a couple of months and many emails later, Erin invited us out to meet her and some of the All Star Bulldogge family members at a dog show. Bill and I were in love the moment we met Tikka, we knew we wanted one of her puppies.

We were so excited with the idea of having a puppy from Tikka's last litter that we didn’t take into consideration that we would be bringing home a puppy less than a month before our wedding!!!  Needless to say, planning a wedding, and raising a puppy are not a good combination. We mentioned our concerns and struggles to Erin, and she was there to support us 100%. Erin went as far as taking Gus back for a couple of weeks, until after our wedding was over. I have never come across a breeder who was so understanding and helpful.
We have had Gus for over a year, he is exactly what we had hoped to find in a puppy, and more.  Neither of us can imagine our life without him.

Thank you Erin for your ongoing support, and mostly for giving us our Gus.

Candice, Dennis, Chase & Hooch

After losing our English Bulldog after a short battle with cancer, I knew we couldn't live without the love of another bulldog. I had done some research on the Olde English Bulldogge breed, and decided that we needed to investigate further into the breed as we wanted a more 'energetic' and healthier version of our beloved Bulldogs.

Erin's site popped up in my search many times, and I knew that was my sign to get in touch. We filled out a puppy application and within a few days she replied! Erin invited us to her home, (even knowing we would have to wait until the next litter for our own pup) to let us see some puppies and help heal us in our time of loss. For that we are very grateful. Besides that kind of compassion for us she has a great compassion for her dogs. They are very well taken care of and that in itself made the choice a no brainer!

Once we knew that Nelli was expecting her first litter and we were going to be getting one of her puppies we were over the moon! Erin always kept us posted through, during and after Nelli's pregnancy. We even went to visit a few more times before and after the puppies were born. Always felt welcomed!

On August 13th 2015, We brought our beloved Bulldogge pup Hooch home! What an amazing girl she is! Very smart, loving, kind and goofy! Hooch makes us laugh every single day! She is also a very loving and loyal companion to our son Chase, who is an only child.

We are super excited to be adding another one of All Star Bulldogges pups to our family in 2016! Then our little family will be complete!
Jaime, Mark, Kaleigh, & Millie

Once we decided it was time for us to add a furry member to our family, it was harder than we had anticipated deciding on a breed that would be best for our life style and family. My husband came across the Olde English Bulldogge breed and we decided to search more, we came across Erin’s site on line, and we decided to fill out the application, Erin invited us to her home to meet some of her dogs.  We knew we had the right breed, and the right breeder for us, as soon as we met her amazing dogs.

After missing “Tings” litter by a short time, we waited patiently for an entire year, as we had to get a puppy from one of Erin’s dogs.

 In October 2013, we had the honour of getting one of “Frankie’s” puppies from her very first litter. Erin was phenomenal with us throughout the entire pregnancy, the birth, and 8 weeks of waiting to bring our girl “Millie” home, as first time puppy parents we were so excited. Erin was so helpful with assisting us in “surprising” our 10 year old daughter with her new furry sister. Erin answered every one of our emails, texts, and was super accommodating with our last minute visits; she welcomed us into her home like we were family.

 We’ve had so many laughs, so much fun training, and absolutely loving how snuggly our bully is. She has become our daughters best friend, and watching them bond has been amazing. We are looking forward to watching them grow up together. Millie has brought so much joy and such entertainment with her goofiness, and her sporadic energy. We are so happy with the choice we made getting Millie from All Star Bulldogges, and so pleased with the love and dedication Erin has towards each and every one of her dogs, and every individual puppy.

Thank you Erin for our silly Millie!

Bill, Amy & Remington - Holland Landing, ON

The single best decision Bill and I have ever made was getting an OEB. When we ultimately decided it was time for us to commit our lives to a dog, finding a breed that fit our lifestyle was proving to be more difficult than we had anticipated - until we found Erin's website.
Having never heard of the breed, our curiosity got the better of us and we made the trip out to meet Erin and some of the dogs involved in her breeding program. We were sold immediately - and not just on the dogs! The passion and knowledge Erin puts into her work is second to none. She was extremely informative, answering any and all questions that surfaced along the way and you could tell immediately just how much she cared about her dogs and where their offspring were going.
We were kept up to date throughout the entire process - from receiving photos of Ting's pregnant belly and ultrasounds, to constant video/photo updates of the pups as they grew. I remember being up all night and watching the hourly posts of each puppy as they were born thinking, "That could be our Remington!" with such joy and excitement that I've never experienced in my life.
We could not possibly be happier or have found a better fit to us than our Remi. He is perfect, in every way - smart as a whip, energetic and playful, healthy, and as entertaining as they come! There is never a dull moment with Remi around, and we wouldn't change it for the world. I would definitely recommend All Star Bulldogges to anybody who is interested in an addition to their family that will provide you with unconditional love and bring a smile to your face every single day.
Julie, Phil, Jackson & Rosey - Toronto, ON

All Star Bulldogges pours an incredible amount of passion and commitment into its program.

Erin provided regular updates and videos from conception all the way through to our pick-up date! She has consistently gone out of her way to answer our many questions and accommodate our visits on several occasions, making us feel right at home. Her knowledge and dedication to raising friendly and healthy Bullies is commendable.

This is a breeder who genuinely cares about her dogs' wellbeing and about finding that perfect match between pup and parent. And it shows. Rosey is not only absolutely adorable but extremely good-natured with my young son.

Todd & Benson, Hamilton, ON

Bulldogs have always held a special place in my heart. A few months after the loss of my Great Dane, I decided I needed a new companion, as I feel no home is complete without a dog. After doing a lot of research and reading, I decided that the Olde English Bulldogge was the right fit for me. I looked at a few breeders websites, before I came across the All Juiced Up Bulldogges site. I was very impressed by the pictures and information they provided on not only their dogs, but the breed in general. After reading the website, I knew that I had found the right breeder. Erin and Jen's site showed that they not only cared about producing beautiful dogs, but that those dogs went to the right people. I decided to fill out the form to inquire about a puppy.

When I discussed my decision with my family, they still had some reservations about my choice. I decided to take Erin and Jen up on their offer, picked up my mother, and went to visit them at the local show. Erin and Jen were absolutely wonderful. They answered all my questions, introduced us to their furry family, and showed us what their dogs could do, winning awards like crazy that day! As we were leaving, my mom turned to me and said, "Yep, thats your dog." She was right.

Erin and Jen kept me up to date on everything once Ting's day got close. Updates and pictures came frequently from the minute they were born, until the day I came to take my boy home. I would look foreward to coming home to work, because it seemed every day I'd find a video of puppies playing, pictures of a puppy pile sleeping, pictures of brand newly opened puppy eyes, and other milestones in my inbox. Weekends would usually include an intrusion into Erin's house for puppy time. Not only did I get to spend time and see for myself just how big the pups were getting, I frequently got to meet the other parents adopting pups. It was fantastic.

While we're on the subject, if you get a chance to attend a "Bully BBQ" I fully endorse the experience. I've never seen anything quite as awe inspiring as watching a herd of bulldogges take over a field, a swimming pool, and a picnic all at the same time.

Benson has been the star of the show since bringing him home. I've never met a dog quite like him. Full of play and too smart for his own good(or mine). We can't walk half a block without a swarm of kids running over to see him, it seems. I've even had people stop their cars and pull over to ask me about my dog. Every time we go to the vet, my vet (an English Bulldog owner for the record) cant say enough about how perfect he is, and how she can't believe how good his joints are, his range of motion, his temperament, everything! She says she's never seen a bulldog that can swim. I can't wait for the summer so I can get some video for her.

Thanks Erin and Jen, for making my home complete.


Robyn, Micah, Millicah, Lachlan, Luna & Titus, Fergus, ON

We are fortunate enough to have not 1 but 2 Olde English Bulldogge’s from All Juiced Up! We have two young children and wanted to add to our family by getting a dog and our eldest insisted upon it being a puppy. I did plenty of research on a few different kinds of breeds and settled on the Olde English Bulldogge’s because they are healthier and a bit more energetic than the English Bulldogge’s, and really who can not fall in love with their faces!

It did not take much thought or time to settle on getting our bulldogge from All Juiced Up. Erin and Jen were so welcoming by opening up their homes and spending as much time as needed to answer all our questions.

What drew us to their breeding program was the devotion and care they have to every puppy they produce and the families that raise them. This is evident through their application process, buy back policy/health guarantee and the continued interest they have in their puppies by having an annual BBQ.

From the time we spent with Erin and Jen we grew to know them and their breeding program and it is obvious that their top quality bulldogge’s come from their knowledgeable selection process of the dogs that they breed from All Juiced Up and the dogs from other kennel’s that they breed their dogs with.

Thank you so much Erin and Jen for giving us Luna and Titus, they provide our family with endless love and entertainment! And man, they are just so darn cute!!!

Irv, Cori & Chazz

We have had him since April of 2010 when we were both 54 years old, we had to consider the age thing seriously because in 15 years we will be close to 70.  Could we realistically handle a dog? After much debate we decided to be dog parents again.  We knuckled down with consistent training and now reap the benefits, Chazz has been a wonderful addition to our home.

As our 3 kids moved on and out it has been a lot of fun to have a dog again in our midst
, he is a sweet boy who fit in right away, great with everyone including two housecats he became an instant favourite.  With multiple daily walks he is keeping us in shape, we are getting lots of fresh air, and socializing with lots of other dogs and their walkers, it now seems impossible to be without him.

Even though his size far exceeded our vision of him full grown, he is a beautiful beast who gets constant attnetion from total strangers.  Cars pull over on the street and people hop out to see him.  Old ladies at bus stops can't help but smile.  Small kids are attracted to him like magnets.  Even the toughest teens from the high school nearby will come over to ask to pat Chazz and talk to him.

His breeders are wonderful, caring and concerned, Erin and Jen have always been available for advice and clearly love all their pups.  They keep in touch with newsy emails, photos and follow-up with occasional get togethers.  I am sure it is just as fabulous to see Chazz as it is for us to see his siblings and parents.

Olde English Bulldogges are a great breed, lotsa fun, playful, loyal, loving and smart!


Martha, Andres, Breanna & El Gordo, Toronto, ON
Andres had always been a dog lover and owner but I wasn't and hadn't. I had dog ‘sat’ several times but never thought I wanted my own. Our kids begged for a dog, I was reluctant. Until one Sunday afternoon we went to PawsWay and I met Erin, Jelly and Ting, that is when I fell for the Olde English Bulldogge. Had it been any other breeder I’m not sure I’d feel the same way. Not only does Erin have a super warm personality, she is extremely knowledgeable and informative about the OEB breed. She assured us that she would work with us to find the right match for our family and she did just that.

When we had our visit with all the puppies she let us know each ones personality which I would think to be difficult since there were 12 of them! Just one of the many ways she showed her commitment to all of us (Tikka, puppies and us).

It’s been a few weeks since we welcomed Gordo into our home and we bonded with him immediately. He’s an easy going guy for the most part, a very quick learner and remarkably handsome!! We couldn’t have found a better dog for us.  (**Photo recently updated)